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Why switching over to micromodal underwear is best for you?

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Fabric is one of the core determinants of good or right underwear. When we say underwear fabric, we won’t be surprised if cotton is the first word that pops up in your mind. This is because, for the longest time, cotton underwear has been a go-to for almost everyone who wears one. 

Sure, cotton underwear is soft, for some even comfortable, but is it the best? Arguably not. Our page https://freecultr.com/pages/fabric-guide gives a full picture of why micromodal underwear overweighs cotton underwear

Believe it or not, the right pair of underwear can make or break your day. If you haven’t taken the plunge already, here is the rationale on why you should join team micro modal:

  • It is the epitome of softness:

    Micro Modal is a fabric that is three times lighter, smoother, and softer than cotton. Buttery, silk-like texture, and weightlessness its natural characteristics. The micro modal underwear from FREECULTR is knit extra tightly, thus ensuring that you get nothing but constant suppleness and an uncompromised stretch. Try our premium innerwear range today and witness your souths thank you tomorrow!

    • It will keep you sweat-free

      You are lying if you say that you don’t dread to take off your underwear after an intense training session. This wouldn’t be the case if you sport underwear made from micro modal. Why? Because unlike cotton, micro modal wicks moisture, and like a boss! No sweat also means an itch free and happy you! 

      • You can say goodbye to skin sensitivity

        If on donning briefs, you constantly face chafing or uneasiness in your crotch area, blame your cotton underwear! Cotton underwear soaks moisture and holds it thus in turn paving way for countless infections. Now you have two choices – to either change underwear every moment your body releases sweat or take the easy way and switch to modal for a rash free wear experience! 

        For the ones who already wear micro modal underwear but are still dealing with rashes or infections, are you ticking off every pointer from our blog https://freecultr.com/blogs/article/the-whys-and-hows-of-men-s-underwear-hygiene ?

        • You embrace sustainability 

          Micro modal fabric is derived by processing cellulose from beech trees. Our raw fabric for micro modal underwears is ethically sourced and naturally treated. This locks on enhanced durability and thus proves to be a cost-effective and ecological buy. The real reason why we love this man-made material from the bottom of our heart is that it is biodegradable. Yes, we are environmentally conscious too! 

          If you are still wondering if the fabric or wearing the right underwear really matters, let us tell you that it sure does! In fact, it comes with a plethora of life benefits that you might not have imagined even in your wildest dreams! For the ones who don’t believe us, give https://freecultr.com/blogs/article/5-underrated-benefits-of-wearing-the-right-underwear a read to know how slipping into a rightly fitting pair is a favor for your future self!