The Whys and Hows of Men’s Underwear Hygiene

Hygiene is one of the most fundamental yet overlooked aspects of surviving. We all feel that a bath a day is enough to keep us disinfected and as bright as a diamond. Well, it’s not true. Our post "Grooming Habits EVERY Man Should Follow" is evidence that you need more than a shower to be optimally groomed and clean. 

Underwear hygiene is an element of your holistic cleanliness regimen. Underwear hygiene basically means keeping your intimate area tidy, preserved, and in place. Non-maintenance of underwear hygiene can pave way for countless problems ranging from sheer uncomfortableness or something as serious as skin diseases. 

Be it because of lack of awareness or pure neglect, if you have questionable hygiene habits, here is why and how you should start caring about what’s underneath your clothes:

  • The Magic of Material:

Most men wear underwear fabricated from cotton. Not saying that cotton underwear isn’t right but saying that there are better fabric alternatives. For unparalleled personal hygiene, consider upgrading to underwear made from skin-friendly fabrics like micro modal; that not only wicks excess moisture but is naturally light and smooth. Our range of men’s underwear is crafted from a dream combination of elastane and air micro modal that guarantees supreme snug and stretch! 

  • Tight Underwear = Worst Enemy:

Anything tight is undoubtedly uncomfortable. We cannot emphasize enough on how your intimate hygiene is compromised the moment you don an ill-fitting or ultra-body-hugging pair of innerwear. Yes! Even your privates demand a fresh wave of air, and tight undies will do nothing but restrict the much-wanted air circulation. Whether you prefer briefs or trunksensure to pick a size that is in line with your latest body measurements and allows your bottom to breathe! 

  • Dump No-Change Days:

We all can admit being guilty of not bathing once in a while. Though this seems acceptable, believe us, it is not. If eat, sleep, repeat aptly describes your hygiene routine, it is high time you alter it to eat, sleep, CHANGE, and never repeat. Why? Because no underwear change = foul smell = sweat accumulation = microbial growth = skin irritation + rashes + infection. You can say goodbye to these apprehensions all at once by simply changing your underwear once a day!

  • Learn to Dispose:

Though you might like holding on to old stuff, underwear should not be one of those things. It is amazingly easy to convince yourself to wear underwear that has less cloth and more holes, because who sees what you are sporting on the inside, right? This is exactly where you are wrong. No matter how premium the underwear is, it loses its utility after about 45 washes. To latch on good personal hygiene, discard your old underwear and replace it at least once in six months.

Underwear hygiene other than being exceptional for your well-being is a charm booster. Witness your confidence levels shoot up on the day you step into a pair of crisp, fresh, and a rare colored men’s brief!

Most of us claim to know the drill with personal hygiene. But the real question is how diligent are you with following it? Personal hygiene isn’t a singular chore, it is a journey to convert your everyday undertakings into an unshakeable routine. Start the transformation today!