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What Happens If You Don't Change Your Underwear Daily?

Typically, there are two types of men in the world: the ones who wear underwear and the ones who don’t. The third category is a lesser-known, yet the one that exists prominently: men who wear underwear but do not change it! Some researches state that one in every five men do not change their underwear daily. Furthermore, it also says that some men do not change their underwear until it fails the ‘smell test’. 

We know that it is tempting to give in to laziness and not change your underwear daily. Because at the end of the week, who likes to do a big load of laundry, right? If you admit guilty of this behavior, time to change, both your habit and underwear! Why? Because underwear hygiene is a thing and an undervalued one. Not obliging to it comes with consequences that are not-so-pleasant. Read more to know what happens when you don’t change your underwear daily:

1. You Will Feel Itchy

    The more time you pass sporting unwashed underwear, the higher is the bacterial buildup on it. With this nasty buildup, follows skin irritation, and an uncontrollable itchThough wearing underwear with an anti-microbial shield can help you battle the inevitable bacterial growth, the protection is limited and loses its effectiveness if you wear the same pair forever.

    2. You Might Develop Rashes

      If your laziness, procrastination, or some other excuse has helped you surpass the itch-stage, say hello to rashes! Your skin is sensitive. Any soiled material that is in constant contact with your skin will irritate it enough to escalate chafing accompanied by more aggressive itching. This condition can worsen with the presence of moisture or sweat. You can magically make all this disappear by simply slipping in a fresh pair of underwear!

      3. You Will Smell Different

        Whether or not you believe, every individual has a unique body scent. This is not something to be conscious about. But if your south smells really musky, fishy, or like you have a bag of trash walking with you, chances are that your privates need a breather from your foul undies! 

        4. You Will Just Not Feel Good

          Just like how soothing a cup of hot chocolate feels on a rainy day, donning a pair of sparkling underwear will have a similar effect on you. Do not underestimate the wave of confidence quirky-hued underwear can bring. Our article https://freecultr.com/blogs/article/how-wearing-different-colors-affects-your-mood-mind precisely highlights the power of colors. If you are an excellent underwear hygiene keeper but still don’t feel comfortable, you are probably wearing the wrong size or do not have a moisture-wicking underwear fabric.

          To sum up, if you wear underwear – change at least once a day or don’t wear one at all! Because you can’t have underwear problems if you don’t wear one! Genius isn’t it? No, we are kidding. Unless you are chilling in your private space, do not leave your little brother hanging! Because going commando in the real-world means inviting awkward boners!

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