7 Embarrassing Underwear Questions Men Don’t Ask But Should Ask!

Just like how bras are a hush-hush topic for women, underwear is for men. Regardless of how outgoing a man is, the mere mention of underwear can shy him away. There was a time was men’s underwear was nothing more than an essential. But as fashion paved its way into intimate wear, men had no choice but to up their underwear game.

Okay, we get it, discussing underwear with your buddies over beer isn’t cool. We also know that you might be uncomfortable shopping for men’s underwear, let alone shoot questions. But this isn’t a good enough reason for you to not know what you should. For all the underwear-related questions that you wanted to ask but were too awkward or asked but didn’t get appropriate answers to, we have got all of them covered here:

1. When should I replace my underwear?

    If you see your old underwear losing its original shape or has holes, TOSS IT OUT. Unlike women, men don’t upgrade their underwear wardrobe regularly and wouldn’t mind keeping a pair that is as old as their age. The average life of even the best men’s underwear is about 45 washes. Understandably that no man will ever keep a tab on the wash number, we have enlisted all the signs that you need new underwear.

    2. Is it okay to wear the same underwear for many days?


      Absolutely not! We cannot stress enough on how important it is to maintain an uncompromised below belt hygiene. Your underwear is in constant and close contact with your skin. If you do not make it a point to change your underwear daily, the chances of infection from moisture built-up is high. If you engage in strenuous physical activities or perspire a lot, we recommend changing your underwear twice a day.

      3. Why do I itch a lot down there?

      There are mostly two reasons for your south's itching- an infection or ill-fitted underwear. Yes, that’s right! Wearing underwear that is too tight can constrict air circulation which in turn makes your privates feel suffocated and itchy. Another reason for itching can be wrong underwear fabric selection which brings us to our next question.

      4. Does underwear fabric matter?

      You bet! To be honest, it matters more than wearers usually ascertain. Touch is one of the five senses that humans possess. The way your skin feels in turn helps the brain to perceive different things and channelize reactions accordingly. It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that if your skin feels good, you feel good! Super soft, highly breathable, and moisture-wicking fabric like air micro modal is ideal for underwear.

      5. Which underwear style should I wear?

      Pick the underwear style that you feel comfortable in. Rather, we say why confine yourself to one underwear style? Or even underwear colors for that matter? Be it brief or trunks, every style has a coziness, attire, and purpose of its own. Our blog https://freecultr.com/blogs/article/briefs-or-trunks-what-to-pick talks in detail about what to wear and when!

      6. How many pairs of underwear should I own?

      The answer to this question is subjective and varies with the laundry cycle and habits of the wearer. Considering every person does laundry at least once a week and changes his underwear at least once or the recommended twice a day, 7-14 pairs account for a reasonable number to own.

      7. Is it ok to go commando?

      Feels like real freedom isn’t it! As delightful as it sounds at the moment, it is not so much in real life. Imagine awkward boners! If you are at home, lazing around, who needs an extra layer below the plush jammies?