Underwear has been and will always be your first wear. We understand that it is really difficult to find a perfectly fitting men’s underwear. And once you do, you’d want it to be your forever pair. But have you ever given a second thought that just like any other apparel, men’s underwear wears down and out too? 

Amidst the everyday hustle-bustle, it is easy to lose track of something as basic as underwear. Let us drop a truth bomb. Whether it is a job, a relationship, or underwear, you should know when it is time to discard it! Go through your drawer right now. If you find a pair of brief or trunks that are guilty of the below-stated characteristics, toss them out and get your hands on a fresh pair! 

  •  The underwear is stretched out

Unless they are boxersmen’s underwear should be snug fit. Wearing stretched out underwear is not only uncomfortable, but it makes your butt in trousers look less than fabulous! 


  •  Buying them is a faded memory

If you claim your memory to be as sharp as Mike Ross from Suits but the question of when and where you bought your underwear from makes you go blank, you know it is time to fill up your shopping cart!


  •  The waistband looks shapeless

The waistband of even the most premium innerwear snaps and bags. If you find your hands constantly tugging up your underwear; no, you have not lost weight, the waistband has lost its elasticity! 


  •  You’ve swapped sizes

Whether your new KETO diet has made you shred, or the fancy workout routine has your muscle pumped, in either case, you need new men’s underwear. If you are a different size than you over before, new underwear should be your new priority.


  •  The underwear used to be of a particular color

Picked up an eccentric colored avocado green brief or staple white trunks a while ago? If the colors of the underwear have lost their originality, the only place they must be is out of your wardrobe.


  •  You have recurring infections

Our blog states how lack of underwear hygiene induces infections. So, if rashes and groin itches have become your new best friend, consider this as your body’s silent scream for new undies! 


  • The underwear has become translucent

If you see and feel your underwear getting thinner, it is not your mind playing games on you. With time and use, the material of the underwear breaks down. Sheer underwear is a stage just before holes start appearing. Why wait? Dump now!


  •  More problems, less underwear

Men’s underwear in Indian homes have a journey of their own- from your first wear to a swab. If you see any holes, un-washable stains, and sense a gagging smell from the underwear, you have two choices- dispose them or mob with them!


  •  The underwear doesn’t make you feel good

Believe it or not, sporting the right underwear can uplift your confidence and charm. Our blog highlights the power of colors. So, if your underwear does not make you feel like you rule this world, buy new ones from FREECULTR!


  •  You don’t wear it anymore

If there is a pair of trunks that you never wear, why keep them? Chuck them out, de-clutter, and make some space for quirky colors in your wardrobe and life.

We all over-use our underwear. On average, underwear loses its utility after 45 washes. Well, to be honest, nobody keeps a laundry count. That’s when our specially curated list of uncompromisable signs can come handy!

It is simple- if you observe any of the aforesaid signs, get new underwear. If not, we say still get a pair. Because a new pair fits awesome and makes you feel like a million bucks!