How Wearing Different Colors Affect Your Mood & Mind! -

How Wearing Different Colors Affect Your Mood & Mind!

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From picking your favorite crayons in school to creating style statements, colors have always been an indispensable part of our lives. The colors that we choose to dress in or surround ourselves with, affects us more than we realize. The power of colors is majestic. Chromotherapy is an ancient Egyptian and Chinese culture that uses colors for healing purposes. Other than that, some numerous studies and researches claim that you don’t only see colors, but you ‘feel’ it.

How every individual resonates with color is subjective. But most color tones do have a common effect. Desire to channelize its vibe in your life? Read on to know more about the aura of colors and its influence on you:

  • Blue:

On hearing or seeing blue, your brain is induced to paint a mental picture of a clear and beautiful sky or a deep and soothing ocean. Be it navy blue or playful Prussian blue, any shade of this color can bring a wave of calmness to your chaotic day. When you sport blue underwear, you can be assured to beat the blues out of your life like a boss!

  • Green:

When we say green, what is the first thing that pops up on your mind? We bet that it is plants! Thanks to the color’s association with nature, green is perceived as a synonym for refreshment and tranquility. On a day you have been feeling dull, wearing this hue can lift your spirits in a blink. Don’t have something in this shade? Call it your lucky day because we have Seaweed Green men's brief!

  • Yellow:

Believe it or not yellow happened to be every child’s favorite color. You know how you look at a daisy or a sunflower and it feels like its smiling back at you? Yes, that’s the kind of charm and glee yellow holds. Most individuals are a little skeptical towards donning yellow pieces of clothing. If you belong to the conscious tribe, yellow underwear is a safe stake. Remember, when you feel lowkey mellow, step in yellow!

  • Black:

Though some link black with darkness, we connect it with badass! If one could define luxury in a color, we are sure it would be black. Black is not a tint; it is a feeling that perfectly signifies power, authority, and seriousness. Going for your dream job interview or have a date with ‘the one’? Start your day by stepping into black men's underwear and witness your confidence pump! Not a black person? Our Ash Grey briefs to the rescue! 

  • Violet:

Trust us when we say that sassy, stylish, and sophisticated is what comes to a woman’s mind when she sees a man dressed in violet. Violet is the happiest and the liveliest color in the rainbow. This is exactly the kind of intuit your gut will process when you put on Trippy violet men’s trunks!

We all know that it takes a moment for our emotions to switch. Though there is no certainty, but maybe a simple wardrobe rev up can help you gain control over your sentiments. If it doesn’t, you’ll at least have a colorful stash of men’s underwear, bound to make you feel good on the inside!