Briefs or Trunks: What to Pick?

Talking of men’s innerwear, there are varied types available in the market that are suitable for different functionality, comfort and style preference. If your underwear purchase experience is nothing less than a series of confusing choices, let us tell you that you are not alone.

Amongst the countless options, briefs and trunks qualify to be most men’s go-to underwear style. If you want to find a clear winner in this never-ending debate of picking between briefs and trunks, read on:


  • Define your comfort:

Just like no two people like the same flavor of ice-cream, comfort is a very subjective affair. If you are someone who prefers nothing to hold on to their thighs, briefs will be an ideal option. But if you belong to the category of individuals who like to cover a little more than the essential, trunks should be the type to place your bets on. 



  • Sync with attires:

Unfortunately, men don’t pay as much attention as they should to their innerwear. Only because underwear is something that is not visible, doesn’t mean that you don’t care about it. What you wear outside should determine what you wear on the inside. For instance, if you are out for a swim, sporting trunks is a no-brainer. Similarly, for formal occasions that demand you to don tight-fitting trousers, vouch for briefs!



  • Occasion matters:

Would you wear jammies and a loose t-short to a wedding? No right? Likewise, the juncture of where, when and how you intend to wear your undies matters. Imagine sitting at home, sipping your favorite drink and chilling like there is no tomorrow. As trunks are naturally comfortable and the epitome of flexibility, you know what to wear for such times. But if the juncture is a steamy session where you would want to show off your well-toned thighs, there is nothing better than a pair of our Sangria Wine briefs!


Final Verdict:

- Both briefs and trunks have their own weightage. We say why have one when you can you have them both? Keep your underwear closet upgraded to put on either of them when the time is right.

- Never under-estimate the importance of owning premium innerwear. Would you rather be spotted with hands-free comfort or occasionally adjusting your undies? Irrespective of the kind of underwear you decide to wear, remember that the quality of innerwear will ultimately define the level of comfort and confidence you possess.

- Be ready to experiment. You will never understand how a type of underwear feels unless you try it.

- If you are bored with wearing the same underwear style, bring in the color play with multi-packs from FREECULTR. This way you not only save but look suave at the same time!

Men’s innerwear has been and will be a controversial topic. This is because no one will ever discuss how wearing an ill-fitted or a wrong type of underwear can ruin the entire day. If you are unable to focus on your work or often feel self-conscious, chances are that you are uncomfortable from the inside. Hear us loud and clear- “Underwear matters.” Choose the right to feel right!