Men's Underwear is often associated with discomfort, skin irritation and tightness around the groin area. This forces men to keep adjusting their souths constantly.

We wanted men experience to comfort at its best. So, after engaging in rigorous research, incorporating numerous feedbacks and testing many contemporary designs, we have unleashed our premium range of super comfy men's underwear.

Each underwear is specially crafted with the following attributes to keep your hands free and privates in comfort.

Ultimate Feel Good Fabric

Our underwear is composed from sustainable micro modal fabric that is hand sourced by our Smart Technology Fabric team. Being 3x better than cotton, softer than the softest material and almost weightless, on wearing, our underwear acts like your second skin.

Anti-Pilling Technology

Underwear is a fundamental piece of clothing. Every day’s wear and wash routine can cause the underwear fabric to clump together and turn into tiny knots. The fabric used in our underwear is high-grade fibre which is coated with anti-pile technology. This prevents fuzzball formation and keeps your underwear as good as new.

Anti-Chafing Technology

Chafing is caused by friction between your thighs. Constant rubbing can cause rashes that can escalate to blistering and bleeding. Our underwear is made from the finest and softest fabric that dries fast. Our undies are also super stretchy and adapt to your body shape thus resisting the unwanted inner thigh rubs.

Moisture Wicking

Our underwear is made with A-class, sweat-resistant micro modal fabric that has a high breathability quotient. As the fabric is instinctively moisture wicking and air light, it keeps you odor-free, fresh and breezy all day long.

Anti-Microbial Shield

Every underwear from our collection is manufactured with 100% pure and all natural fabric that soaks and wicks moisture. Additionally, our inner wear is made from skin friendly yarn and dyes. We enhance the fabric quality by treating it with anti-bacterial technology thus leaving no scope for sweat and germs accumulation.

Engineered 360 Stretch

Not having enough space isn't a good feeling. Made by infusing 4D technology, our underwear comes with extra accommodating buttock space so that you never feel restricted down there. Whether you are behind a desk, working out or simply lazing around, our underwear offers limitless flexibility for every need.

Supreme Stitching

With more than average stitches per inch and high thread count, our underwear is a synonym for extra superior hold. Our underwear is constructed and sewed in a way that you get a structured fit every time you wear it.

Double In-seam Gusset

Everything needs support and so do your privates. This is exactly what the double-inseam gusset of our underwear fetches. A double layered patch means double comfort, protection, and support to keep your private parts where it should be!

No Pinch Waistband

The waistband of our underwear is wide, doesn’t snag and is made from ultra-elastic microfiber that stays put. The waistband is precisely crafted to ensure unmatched ease around the waist- No rolling, No pinching, and No fat bulges. Our smooth waistband is not too loose, not too tight, just right!

Sustainable & Durable

Thanks to the biodegradable composition and the high thread count of our fabric, the skin friendly dyes we use blend better into the material. This ensures zero color fading even after repetitive washes. Our underwear guarantees utility for long- making it a good buy for both you and the environment!

Say goodbye to uneasiness and ditch that awkward itch!