Have you ever wondered how is that women spend hours shopping for the right innerwear, but men get done and dusted in a blink? This is because out of all the things in the world that men do not pay any heed to, underwear tops the list. The perspective that ‘nobody cares about what you don’t see on the outside’ is the culprit for this sheer negligence. 

Underwear is in direct and constant contact with your skin. This means that your ignorance towards it invites numerous skin problems like rashes, itching, and discomfort in the groin area. Our article "The Why and Hows of Men's Underwear Hygiene" highlights how and why underwear hygiene should be your top priority. 

If you are guilty of not giving men’s underwear the attention it deserves, it is about time you start. Why? Because the relationship between you and your underwear is intimate! Here is a list of common men’s underwear blunders that you can and should avoid:


  • Wearing only one style of men’s underwear:

Most men start wearing a peculiar underwear style and stick to it for the rest of their lives; DO NOT BE THAT MAN. Contrary to the popular belief, there are different men’s underwear styles for every occasion and your wardrobe should have a pair of each. Sure, you can sport on boxers on a laid-back weekend. But donning it beneath a formal attire definitely accounts for a mistake. Just like you do not eat the same food every day, you cannot wear the same men’s underwear style every day! 


  • Forgetting about fabric:

We cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to know about what you wear. Certain materials like polyester are known to hoard heat and moisture. Do not surprised if you experience rashes when you wear men’s underwear made from such materials. Remember, what starts with jock itching, usually ends with an infection. Choose to wear men’s underwear fabricated from materials like micro modal that are naturally moisture-wicking. Air light fabrics like these, give your privates more room to breathe.


  • Not replacing your underwear:

You are lying if you say that you diligently substitute your old underwear when it is due. Most men do not buy new underwear unless it has holes that are bigger than the underwear itself. If you do not remember purchasing a fresh pair of undies, you better start carting before the discomfort creeps in. Because better to be safe than sorry, right? For the ones who are unaware of exactly when you should buy new underwear, bookmark our blog "Signs that You Need New Underwear"! For hygiene purposes, buying new underwear every 6 months is recommended.


  • Incorrect sizing:

If your thighs and waist have band marks or your underwear just does not stay in place, chances are that you are wearing the wrong size. Slipping into a perfectly fitting men’s underwear is oddly satisfying. A rightly fitted underwear not only accentuates your overall body image but makes you feel a little more confident than you are. You know how some men have a perkier tush than others? Of course, it is the squats! But it is also men’s underwear that is spot-on! 


  •  Wearing cotton underwear while working out:

It is okay to wear a pair of cotton undies on a regular day with minimal physical activity. But on a day you intend to sweat it out, cotton underwear is the worst workout partner one can ever have. This is because cotton underwear gets sloppy and makes you feel uncomfortable to a whole new level. Ditch underwear made from cotton for the ones made from micro modal and elastane that not only tail off moisture but are super stretchy. 

Underwear has been and will always be essential. Take these small steps in your underwear routine to witness the fresh wave of comfort and class it brings to your lives!