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5 Cool Ways to Ace the Dating Game

You are lying if you say that you haven’t lost someone special because of your low-key dating approach. To not let history repeat itself, it is high time for you to level up.

We understand that dating in millennial times is tricky. If you go too fast, you might come across as desperate, if you go too slow you might end up in the friendzone, or even worse, in the block list. When everyone is only a swipe away from meeting someone new, here is how you can catch the eye and then become its apple!

  • Dress to Impress:

Dressing well accounts for efforts and you know that efforts are always appreciated! When we say dressy, we don’t simply mean slipping into a classy and date-worthy attire. We mean paying attention to the smallest of details. For instance, if you are wearing a snug fit trouser, prefer men's brief over trunks. Additionally, be well-groomed, no matter what! If you are unsure what signifies well-groomed, tick off every element on this list https://freecultr.com/blogs/article/grooming-habits-every-man-should-follow

  • Resist Being a Chatterbox:

One of the most common reasons why dating never progresses into a relationship is because everyone wants to talk but no one wants to listen! Remember dating is not a chat show hosted by you and for you. Allow your date to equally initiate and participate in conversations. If you are unable to comprehend the communication, be more enthusiastic over knowing than dropping the talk. 

  • Comfort = Confidence:

Sure, external beauty is glorified but it is the inside that creates a difference! Don’t believe us? Try wearing our super comfy men's trunks on a date day and witness your usual shy-self turning into a charmer! Trust us when we say that underwear discomfort reflects on your face. If you have been a previous victim to itching or gear shifting in public, make a small lifestyle change, and switch to premium innerwearHands-Free Comfort is the underdog of any dating game! 

  • Be Unconventional:

Dinner and drinks are a classic but also a bore when you engage in them often. If you want to really sweep your date off the feet, plan something that is interesting and adventurous like karaoke night, breakfast in PJs, hiking, or a casual bowling sesh. No matter what the plan, always check up on your date’s comfort.

  • Watch the Intimate Space:

The worst thing that can happen to anyone in the dating phase is being pressured into intimacy. Everything has a time of its own. Help your partner to feel in control of their body and do not rush until both of you are ready. If at the end of the day, you are certain that steamy times await, sporting sexy men's underwear means scoring brownie points!

We now live in a world where a bio decides the scope of interaction. With dating apps becoming the modern-day cupid, you have no choice but to adapt to the massive dating competition. For fail-proof dating days and cinema-like love stories, incorporate our above-stated tips sprinkled with a dash of genuine efforts!