Tips to Efficiently Work from Home During Coronavirus Quarantine -

Tips to Efficiently Work from Home During Coronavirus Quarantine

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The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has changed the way we live and breathe. To avoid the spread of this pandemic, people are restrained to work and chill from their homes. Though the introverts are rejoicing, this is a hard time for the ones who aren’t used to working remotely. 

Working from home might sound like a luxury. But it is usually is unproductive, brimmed with countless distractions and intolerable disturbance. If this work from home module makes you want to punch a wall and pull your hair, below listed are a few tried and tested strategies to work resourcefully without losing your sanity:

  • Set boundaries:

Now that you are cloistered indoors while working from home, there's no chance on this planet earth that your mom stops interrupting a con-call or your partner stops screaming while you are briefing the interns. Sure, all this is infuriating. But if you have a quick chat and ask them to respect your privacy, the noise around can tone down considerably.


  • Eat right:

We are sure your heart breaks every time you check for order-ins and no restaurant is delivering. During such times, binging on quarantine snacks is tempting, but that can end with you dozing in a virtual meeting. Remember, what you eat resonates with how you feel about your work. Take some time out to cook and consume light meals. This way you can stay woke and can potentially ace a skill. Win-Win! 

  • Get comfy:

For the longest time, employees have desired to work from the comfort of their homes, sitting in their favorite jammies. Now that you are living your dream, you can up this level of snug by keeping ONLY your first wear on. No, we are not questioning the ease of sporting PJs. All we are saying is innerwear is minimalistic, and minimalism is always comfier! If you get your first wear from us, staying hands-free all day long comes as a complementary perk!

  • Pick a spot:

Like you have a desk in your office, creating a fixed setting to work from home can go a long way in boosting your proficiency throughout the day. In order to train your mind and body to be prepped for seizing the day, sit on the same spot. Irrespective of how drawn you are to work while casually lazing around in bed, refrain from doing it for your own good! 

  • Scheduled breaks:

Your conventional office breathers might look like gossiping around the water cooler or exchanging glances with your work crush. Well, who said you can’t do that at home? Take five to stretch or checkup on a friend or simply take a stroll around the house and annoy your sibling. Do what you like, but never skip breaks as it resets your brain to focus and function better.

  • Build a routine:

If we ask you to describe your regular office days, we are sure it is as planned as the schedule of Mr. Bajaj from the movie Andaz Apna Apna. Why break what’s habitual? Pretend you still have to go to the office and follow the humdrum. Sticking to a routine and developing consistency is the only key to feel calm in this chaos. 

Lastly, be patient and easy on yourself. Acknowledge the fact that it is an unprecedented situation and you are doing all you can to cope with it. Be thankful that you have a home, work, and an option to work from home. An attitude shift is all it takes to nail your work output!