Practical Gifting Options for the Picky Men in Your Life! -

Practical Gifting Options for the Picky Men in Your Life!

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Buying a perfect gift for the opposite sex is easier said than done. Men feel that every woman in their life is like Rachael from F.R.I.E.N.D.S who never likes anything and might grab the first chance to exchange the gift. On the other hand, women feel that men don’t appreciate the gifting gesture as the present ends up rotting in a corner.  

What most people fail to understand is that men and women perceive things inversely. Despite the differences, men usually ace the gifting game. This is because when it comes to women’s gifting possibilities, the world is their oyster. Women tend to get stuck with men’s gifting as they forget that men are all about practicality and not so much about jazz. 

If you feel that you are doing all it takes to get the best gift for the men in your life, but it still doesn’t leave a mark, it is time you reconsider your approach. Take cues from our list specially curated for the hard to please men! 

  • A Signature Perfume:

Just like women can never have enough clothes, men can never have enough perfumes! Remember the AXE commercial that aired on television, where one spray makes the man a chick magnet? Well, to be honest, that’s the dream every man dreams. Though no fragrance can make this a reality, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have the man leave a trail of freshness! Remember, in the case of perfumes, a good brand is quintessential.

  • Grooming Kit:

Whether he flaunts a manly beard or a few strands of facial hair, one thing you can be sure of is the fact that he shaves. There is no better useful gift for your husband, brother, father, or colleague than an extravagant grooming kit! The signature shaving set from The Man Company is our favorite! To make the gift fancier and wholesome, you can team it up with their Beard Affair Kit.

Women always tend to question men’s grooming and hygiene levels. If this gift is for a man close to you, we say you place your bets on super comfy undies. You cannot go wrong with a pair of underwear unless your partner prefers to go commando! Pick an exclusive shade of briefs or trunks from Freecultr’s assortment. This way he gets hands free comfort, while you get the eye candy! Win-Win! 

  • Solo vacay

Not all gifts need to be materialistic, some can be experiences. Nobody can question the fact that traveling is like food for the soul. Taking a holiday is like pausing life, at least for a few days. Do you remember a destination that the to-be-gifted person cannot stop yapping about? If yes, sort the tickets and accommodations as per your budget and take them by surprise!

  • Bomb gaming set

All women would agree when we say that men are like kids trapped in an adult’s body. Why not leverage this element for finding a pragmatic gift? If given a choice between hitting the clubs or staying in with video games, take us on our words that men will choose the latter! Get him the latest gaming gear along with a couple of games to witness his excitement go sky-high!

  • Elegant barware

Gone are the days when women were the only ones obsessed with chinaware and dainty glasses. Now is the time when men too dig in exquisite barware and crockery. Depending on the poison he likes to revel in, gift a collection of beer/whiskey/wine/shot glasses. To make him cherish the gift a tad bit more, get him a bottle of his love!

Dear women, when it comes to gifting men, remember that only the thought matters. Do not second guess yourself, trust that you know him enough to get him precisely what he’d want! Lastly, to add a personal touch to the gift, you can top it off with a hand-written note!