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Easy-Peasy Solutions for Underwear Problems Every Man Faces!

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We all know the love-hate relationship women have with their bras. But the affair that has remained concealed for years is the one between men and their undies. Every man on this planet earth faces similar underwear dilemmas and yet is too embarrassed to admit or do anything about it. Well, we heard your unsaid complaints! 

If you have been underestimating the power of right men's underwear, read on to find the point you relate with and take the suggested measures:

Problem 1: The Struggle of Comfort:

Undergarments that are too snugly or end up making your thing a victim to extreme gravity is frustrating. Some men learn to ignore this ridiculous feeling but more often than not they become so self-aware that there is no turning back. Before you reach this point where your underwear comfort drives you nuts, for your sake, get a new one. 

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The Key: Measure yourself, especially if you are buying men's underwear online. Then, refer to the size chart and buy the size your measurement falls in.

Problem 2: Not So Secret Adjustments:

Shifting your gear in public is never a good idea. This is because you will never know when and how a small tweak has turned into over-adjustment, thus drawing all the unwanted attention down there. No matter how sneakily you do it, trust us when we say that people see.

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The Key:  Right men's underwear size, fabric, and style should be able to stop this quandary. Our men's underwear styles are ergonomically designed for catering to hands-free comfort! Just Saying! 


Problem 3: Waistband Impressions & Belly Lips:

Waistbands digging into the skin feels like you are being punished for wearing underwear in the first place. If you are a little fluffy around the waistline, tight waistbands are your worst enemy as it leads to prominent fat bulges, also known as belly lips. Men make peace with waistband pinches and bulge assuming that it’s a part of parcel of life. Well, if you think so too, we say don’t settle. Rather, re-think your men’s underwear choices.

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The Key:  Our only suggestion for solving this jam is getting our men’s underwear that is crafted with a butter-smooth microfiber waistband. 


Problem 4: The Battle of Comfort and Sexiness:

Men already have a thought clash while choosing between a brief and trunk. The conflict hardens when the dynamics of comfort and class are in the frame. Though trunks might feel like you are wearing nothing, they might not be a great option for a steamy date. What do you do? 

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The Key:  Firstly, you read https://freecultr.com/blogs/article/briefs-or-trunks-what-to-pick to decode your preference. Remember that comfort is a synonym for confidence. If you are not comfortable, you will never be able to pull off a spicy move! Stick to your comfort, throw in a sangria wine or midnight blue trunks to race her heart! 


Problem 5: Unasked Boners:

Not everything is in your power. The awkward arousals happen to a lot of us, especially when we were least expecting it. You can only rely on your underwear and pants to shield you. If you were unfortunate enough to go commando, be ready to hail disgusted stares! 

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The Key:  Whether you prefer briefs or trunks, a double gusset men’s underwear will be your knight in shining armor during such times. Research extensively before buying!


Problem 6: Uncontrollable Jock Itch:

It is said that home is where you can scratch exactly where it’s itching. But if you cannot resist scratching your crotch in public, it means poor hygiene and an invitation for skin rash. The itch or discomfort could also be because of excessive sweat or chafing. In either case, there are only two culprits- you or your underwear!

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The Key:  Men’s underwear hygiene is a debatable topic. So, if you are going bonkers over the itch, smother your souths with an anti-fungal talcum after the bath. Not only that, switch to light and moisture-wicking men’s underwear fabric like micro modal. Furthermore, do yourself a favor and change your undies daily, maybe twice if need be!

It can be really surprising to witness how a small change in your wearing habits can keep you at ease all day long. Underwear holds the potential to make or break your persona, charm, and comfort. Pick a pair wisely to wave goodbye to all underwear-related snags!