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What type of apparel does FREECULTR offer?

FREECULTR is reborn in 2020. Our motto is to change the face of the inner wear industry; one product at a time. Men’s Underwear is our debut apparel of this reinvention phase.

FREECULTR offered t-shirts and Henley earlier. Why are those not available?

T-shirts and Henley from FREECULTR were iconic products. We are striving every day to enhance the quality of these classics and launch them soon.

How do I pronounce FREECULTR?

FREECULTR- Free – Culture

Can I buy FREECULTR merchandise in a shop near me?

Presently, you can purchase all FREECULTR merchandise at our brand store- freecultr.com and other renowned marketplaces.

How many pairs of underwear should I own?

Whether you do your laundry every day or not, including daily wear and travel purpose, every man should own 10-12 underwear; so that you are always fresh, fresh baby!

How often should I change my underwear?

Most people don’t replace their underwear until the fabric is torn or its elasticity wears out. As per experts, the stretch capability and efficiency of underwear is typically lost after 45 washes. You should ideally substitute your underwear after 45 washes or at least thrice a year. Replacement also depends on personal usage and the level of activity you engage in.

What is hands-free comfort?

Men’s underwear is often associated with constant itching and adjustment down there.
#HandsFreeComfort is a revolution that our superior range of underwear will bring so that your hands can do what they are meant to!
Blending extensive research, latest technology, and natural fibers, our underwear lets your hands be free, and your privates in comfort.
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What are FREECULTR underwear made of?

Our underwear is made of premium quality, air-light, micro modal fabric that is hand sourced from Austria. We fuse this all-natural and sustainable micro modal fiber along with the right proportion of elastane and a microfiber waistband to craft our elite underwear series.

Is micro modal a natural fabric?

Yes, micro modal is a sustainable and 100% natural fabric. Micro Modal is churned out after processing cellulose that is extracted from beech trees.

What is the difference between regular underwear and underwear from FREECULTR?

Our underwear is the perfect combination of the best fabric, pervasive research, and cutting-edge technology.

  • Every underwear from our collection is layered with anti-chafing and anti-pilling technology that guarantees more endurance and exceptional wearing experience.
  • It is crafted with all-natural micro modal fabric that dries up quickly to keep your privates cool and sweat-free.
  • Our products- both briefs and trunks are skin-friendly and fit right- not too loose, not too tight.

What makes the waistband of FREECULTR underwear better than others?

Every underwear from FREECULTR is enclosed with a special Microfiber waistband that stays in place all day long. Composed with a high thread count and skin-friendly fabric, our waistbands offer superior elasticity and don’t pinch- not even a bit!

How is the stitch structure of FREECULTR underwear better than others?

Our underwear is carefully crafted from incredibly fine threads that are knitted tightly. Thanks to this high thread count, our undies last longer than others and feel supple to touch. Our underpants also have more stitches per inch and a double layered gusset for a better hold, extra flexibility and enhanced support.

How is FREECULTR underwear more moisture absorbent than others?

Our underwear is made from an all-natural fabric- micro modal. This fabric is air-light and has an in-born trait of wicking moisture. We mix modern technology to enhance the breathability quotient of this fabric, draw the sweat off and keep you odor-free.

How is underwear from FREECULTR anti-pilling and rash resistant?

  • Underwear from FREECULTR is composed of A-grade, skin-friendly fabric called micro modal and elastane. This softest ever combo is 100% natural, pulls moisture off your skin and offers unparalleled breathability to keep you cool and fresh.
  • The magic mix of 93% micro modal and 7% elastane in our underwear minimizes skin rubs which in turn prevents rash and irritation.
  • We also coat our micro modal fabric with special natural colors, in-sync with advanced anti-pile technology to give you supreme comfort and enhanced sustainability.

What size underwear is right for me?

Every product that we offer has its own size guidance. Please refer to the size chart on the product page to understand the right fit for you.
If in case, you are uncomfortable with the fit you receive, drop us a mail on support@FREECULTR.com. We will arrange a right-fitting replacement for you!

How should I take care of my underwear?

For our underwear to take care of you, you need to take care of the underwear first.

40 Degree Temp and Delicate Machine Wash
60 Degree Tumble Dry/ Line Dry in Shade
Do not Bleach or Dry Clean
Wash light colors separately

Do you offer underwear only for men?

Yes, for now, we offer underwear for men.
Men’s Underwear is our first stepping stone towards redefining the innerwear experience. We will be expanding our categories to both men and women.

Can women wear these underwear?

Just like our name, we believe and aspire to create a culture that is free. Though the category says men’s underwear, we assure you that our undies are comfy enough for everyone to sport it. When you wear it, don’t forget to sprinkle some style and grace!

Will I get a re-usable utility pouch with every purchase?

Yes! Whether you purchase singles or in packs, we provide a re-usable utility pouch with every purchase.

What is the next line of products from FREECULTR?

Men’s underwear is the debut product of our revolutionary journey. Our research and development teams are working day in and out to craft an assortment of comfortable clothing. Stay tuned on our social network for new launch updates and exclusive offers!


How can I make purchase payments?

We accept all payments via:
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Net Banking
  • Mobile Wallets- Paytm
  • BHIM
  • UPI

What if my payment fails?

  • Please try to make the payment again. Double check if the information entered on the payment is correct.
  • Unfortunately, if your payment fails again, you can opt for Free Cash on Delivery option.
  • If your account is debited after the payment fails, don’t worry. The debited amount will be refunded into your original mode of payment within 7-10 business days. (after bank confirmation.)

Can I pay Cash on Delivery (COD)?

We offer Cash on Delivery (COD) service as per the rates applicable.

Shipping, Tracking & Delivery

How long will it take for my package to arrive?

We offer free shipping on all our orders. It will take 3-5 business days for your order to dispatch and get delivered.

Where do you ship?

We have warehouses all over India and offer delivery PAN India.
If we are unserviceable to a particular pin code, please get in touch with us at hola@FREECULTR.com. We will work it out for you!

My tracking shows package delivered but I haven’t received it. What should I do?

It is rare for something like this to occur. If it does, please mail us on hola@FREECULTR.com.

I have received damaged items. What should I do?

Please mail us on hola@freecultr.com - We would like to hear what went wrong.
In case of damage or size issues, you can always count on us for free replacement.

Returns & Exchange

What is your return policy?

We work towards delivering 100% comfort and satisfaction to our valuable customers. If you are unconvinced with our product quality then please write to us at hola@freecultr.com along with your order details, your contact details and the issue with the product.

In case of damage or size/color issues, you can always count on us for free replacement after we get a clearance from our quality check team.

No return/exchange on any order placed with an offer.

In case of unisex buff mask, the product can only be exchanged if it's received damaged or there is any color issue.