Simple Ways To Make Father’s Day Happy For Your Dad -

Simple Ways To Make Father’s Day Happy For Your Dad

The relationship that kids have with their father is very special. From shooing away the monster below beds to being the human-version of a pillar, a father is and always will be every child’s superhero. With Father’s Day around the corner, it is the perfect time for you to express gratitude and love towards your dad. 

Father’s Day is not only about bestowing gifts, but it is also about creating memories that will be cherished forever. To make your dad feel like a king that he is, take cues from our specially curated list. Mix and match the below-stated ideas to make every Father’s Day not only special but a truly happy one!


- Do what he likes:

    Need a father’s day present? There is no better gift than time! When was the last day you recall that the entire family did something your dad likes? This Father’s Day make sure it is all about him. Whether he likes to aimlessly drive around the city at night or likes to chill in his PJs with a beer mug in his hand, figure out what he digs in and be his partner in crime!  


    - Create a sentimental wave: 

      It is not an unknown fact that every father loves to constantly remind his children of their privilege. If you are an Indian kid, we are sure that your dad too must have bragged about how he had a tough childhood where he swam across oceans and fought dinosaurs to attend school. You might have heard this story a thousand times, but do you see the spark in his eyes every time he narrates? Converse with him about his childhood, how his generation led a life different than yours, his best memories, etc., to see him glow up while he takes a trip down the nostalgic lane.


      - Spoil with gifts:

      Fathers strive hard to give their children the best life but are never really open about what they like. This makes buying gifts for dad one of the most difficult tasks to ever exist in the history of tasks! If you are someone who has poor gifting choices, the trouble doubles. If you want to buy dad a gift, remember to choose utility over the price tag. Just like how your dad has always got you the best of the bags, clothes, and toys; wouldn’t you like him to at least have the best of something as basic as underwear? This Father’s Day give him the comfort he deserves. Gift him premium innerwear from FREECULTR.


      - Cook for him/with him:

        You might be entitled as a spoilt brat in the family who does nothing other than eating and sleeping. Well, time to take everyone by surprise! Select a super easy but your dad-approved dish and find its recipe online. Invigorate your inner master chef skills and cook it on Father’s Day. If you are sure to create more of a mess and less of the dish, invite your father to be your Sous Chef! This way you get to spend quality time minus the chances of goof up. Win-Win!

        A dad is a mentor, teacher, friend, last resort for money, and a savior from your mom, all in one. He has made both your gloomy and good days better. It is time that you do the same! Trust us, he does not expect much. All he wants is a bucketful of love!